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Sunday, December 16, 2007

MOMS Incorporated

Thriving Moms. Thriving Communities. Thriving Economy

MOMS Incorporated is social venture committed to providing high quality services and products while following a unique and innovative family-friendly business model. MOMS Incorporated will provide outsourcing services and specialty products by utilizing the skills, talents and expertise of stay-home moms or working moms who wish to spend more time caring for their small children.

MOMS Incorporated business strategy embodies two key elements:

1. Family-friendly business model:
  • The unique and innovative family-friendly business model will be the first of its kind in the Bay Area.
  • Apprenticeship opportunities will effectively increase wide-area workforce productivity and career development among employees.
  • The family-friendly policies will increase productivity by decreasing turnover, absenteeism, tardiness, low morale and illnesses.
  • Opportunities will be available for moms to learn how to develop a business and will help moms attain the skills to grow as entrepreneurs.
2. Services and products:
  • Outsourcing services will vary in order to accommodate business and market needs.
  • High quality products will be produced according to business and market needs.
  • Only services and products of the highest quality will be offered and they will be delivered to customers with a “personal touch”.
Strategic Objectives
  • To provide high quality services and products to meet the changing needs of local individuals, small businesses, nonprofit and public organizations and corporations.
  • To promote and create business networks of local moms with similar skills, interest and expertise.
  • To promote and increase quality family time.
  • To create and foster business partnerships among communities and increase awareness of importance of family-friendly business models.
  • To strengthen local economies by supporting the economic needs of local families and the business community.
Business Needs:
We are interested in finding a graduate student who can help us further develop our current business plan. In particular, we are looking for a student who has or would like to acquire more experience in developing a solid marketing, operational, management and organizational plan. It would be helpful for the graduate student to understand the current economic status of young families with small children in California. The student will be working with a group of moms who have a great vision but lack the skills to develop a sustainable social entrepreneurship. The family-friendly business model that MOMS Incorporated is hoping to create will be the first of its kind in California.

MOMS Incorporated
Making Entrepreneurial Connections for Moms
(510) 917-0181
(707) 299-0856 fax
Email: normalisenko@comcast.net

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