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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Agricola International



According to the revised poverty reduction strategy paper of 2006, 57% of Senegal’s 11.3 million inhabitants is poor and lives off less than U$1 per day. Women and youths below 30 constitute 80% of the population and 90% of the impoverished and income strapped segment. Of these, more than 3 million intelligent, and ambitious able-bodied youths are struggling to find jobs and business opportunities but are constrained by the lack of opportunity.


Agricola International positions itself as a land developer, a leasing company, an investment broker, a franchisor, a savings and loans provider and a marketing service provider. We franchise agricultural condominiums to enable poor youths to own highly productive business enterprises on a pay-as-you-earn basis. We use marketing and branding to create the term Esperanto as our trademark, which describes a new generation of dynamic young change makers and social activists groomed to stimulate Africa’s Green Revolution and to fulfill the millennium promise on the African continent by:

- Converting small owner-managed agricultural production systems into mega industries composed of a critical mass of youth entrepreneurs motivated to pool together their resources, talents and energies for profitable production designed to maximize returns per unit of irrigated space to competitive levels with other natural resources like, phosphate and gold currently mined in Senegal.

We strive to keep several windows simultaneously open on a promising future by inventing the (B.F.O.T) Build, Franchise, Operate and Transfer system with emphasis on:

  • Build and develop land and turnkey business opportunities to produce high value crops for local markets, import substitution and exports.
  • Franchise through training and coaching to establish profitable life-long joint venture partnerships with bank-unworthy poor.
  • Operate and manage systems that transform and empower the poor
  • Transfer infrastructural and technological packages to those who show readiness, diligence and willingness to consolidate success.


Are you a graduate student with an interest in Africa?

Are you proficient in computer-modeling production and supply chain systems?

Do you have the acumen to play a key role in developing foreign markets for exporting high quality ordinary and organic products?

Are you determined to model your career path from volunteer to CEO in 5 years.


If you think the above profile describes you, send a ONE PAGE letter of interest to Francis Nuwame (Director)- francagricola@yahoo.fr

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