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Monday, October 15, 2007

Global Health Corps (GHC)

GHC was founded and is led by Reed M. Benet, presently a Ph.D. student at the UC Davis and a prior Harvard Business School MBA who has over a decade of experience founding, funding, consulting to, or leading venture capital backed start-ups in life sciences and services, high-tech, and most recently enviro- and energy-tech.

GHC is focused on solving the developing world’s nursing shortage by solving and leveraging the market power of that same and growing problem in the U.S. In essence, GHC proposes to rationalize the nurse supply chain, arbitrage significant off-shore and domestic cost and market value and personnel availability differentials, overcome bottleneck supply chain hurdles with major corporate partners, utilize a hybrid for- and non-profit business model (similar to a non-profit hospital), etc. A most recent, but still embryonic Mission Statement is below…

GHC is founded to:

  1. Solve the developing world’s massive and critical shortage of mid-level healthcare providers, particularly the equivalent of associates degree level nurses;
  2. Leverage, extend and improve upon the developing world’s already established healthcare delivery infrastructure overseen by the various Ministries of Health;
  3. Provide, build upon and support, just like with the micro-loans from the Nobel Peace Prize winning Grameen Bank concept, a market and primarily but not necessarily exclusively female driven solution which also improves upon and eventually brings into equality the status of the involved and serviced women; and
  4. Provide, after an NGO and even for-profit entity supported “priming of the pump,” a self-sustaining and significant program growth allowing flow of funds.

GHC is looking for MBA students/grads to help it with its exec summary, business plan, and social return on investment determination/calculations. However, GHC needs individuals who are willing to help dig in right now on all these things since GHC and its corporate partners are focused on finding near-term funding and getting going ASAP. Initial targets for funding are Gates Foundation for the non-profit efforts and Google.org for the for-profit. Experience in healthcare, healthcare management, nursing, remote/online education, immigration law, test preparation, etc. all plusses, but not necessary. More important is finding people who can commit and stay committed, after of course they’ve had a chance to ask all their necessary questions.

Reed M. Benet
415 342 3634

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